Monday, August 13, 2012

Cotton Dishcloths

Today I finished  the second of two cotton dishcloths I have been working on since Sunday. These come in handy around the kitchen.

The patterns for these dish clothes was taken from leaflet 2077 called "Dishclothes" put out by Leisure Arts.The green dish cloth was done using pattern #2 and the off white was done using pattern #12. The dish cloths were done using Lily- Sugar n Cream 100% Cotton Ombre yarn the green yarn is called "Renegade" and the off white yarn is called" Potpourri"
I was cleaning out my closets and came across this leaflet, I bought it back in the 90's. Funny how we hang on to certain things. Im surprised it is still available and you can purchase it on Amazon!

I was able to finish these up while watching a movie with my grandson! That is the good thing about crocheting you can keep your hands busy while watching movie or TV show.

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. good job!! will have to try this pattern, whenever I finish the Granny Stripe!!