Thursday, August 9, 2012

Where to Start?

Since this is the first post to my blog it is hard to decide where to start so I will dive in  and begin with explaining my blog title. I received the name Da from my grandkids who instead of calling me granny, grandma or nanny gave me the name Da. We all wonder when our first grandchild is born what we want them to call us but in my case I was given the name by the first grandson and it is now used by all the grandkids.
Crochet connection was added since I rediscovered how much I like to crochet this summer. I decided to get back into crocheting and found that it is something that you can do while watching a movie. I hope to connect others to the world of crochet.


  1. Way to go Lynne-love the new blog! Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Yeah for Lynne! can't wait to see all your creative creations! :)

  3. Well shall I call you Da? =^.^= My Mom was once a big time crocheter. I have a black popcorn throw from those days she made me still. Show us some pictures of your work! I hope you will share some quilts with us on occassion too. Sandi