Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Made Socks!

I have never made a pair of socks, so I decided to try. I ordered some sock yarn from Joannes craft store. I have never worked with sock yarn so I chose an inexpensive yarn. (just in case the socks did not work out!). I used Serenity Sock  weight yarn from the Deborah Norville collection (1.75 oz-50g). This yarn is made by Premier yarns.
I chose black and soft white yarn, thinking I would make a pair of  striped socks.

I began searching on the internet for a crochet sock pattern and finally found a free pattern that looked easy enough for my first pair of socks. You can find this great pattern by Drops here

After finding the pattern my Idea of striped socks was gone. The pattern is crocheted with two threads at a time so I decided to use one black thread and one white thread to give the socks a verigated look. The pattern called for a 4.5 mm hook but I used a 4mm hook.(I thought it would make the socks a little less bulky). Since I used a smaller hook I had to make a few adjustments. Next time I will use the hook size called for in the pattern!
So here is my finished product:

               They fit nicely!

Here they are with the top folded down.

I was watching a few movies with my husband while I was crocheting these socks and when he saw the finished product, he asked me to make him a pair of men's socks that he could wear around the house this winter. 

I will be ordering more sock yarn and looking for a easy men's sock pattern. If anyone has any ideas let me know. 


  1. Nice work Lynne. Was there enough of the black and soft white to make matching socks? Sandi

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed They look great, just perfect for around the house....will be looking for a pair of these underneath that Christmas tree along with the coasters! :)