Sunday, September 9, 2012

Recycled Coasters(Free Pattern)

I ordered yarn online but after getting the yarn it was not very soft. I decided to  look for a yarn store in my area, so I could check out different yarns before buying them online. I found a great yarn store called Babetta's yarn and gifts, you can check it out here. There is a lot to see and Babetta is really helpful! When I was there I found a great yarn called 2nd time cotton (a recycled yarn), it has a great vintage look to it. I purchased 4 skeins and took it home to find a project. I had a green cotton yarn that mixed perfectly with the other colors.

I was looking on Pinterest and found a great coaster pattern. The pattern is from 1893 so the yarn would be perfect with it. The pattern can be found here.

The yarn colors I used are as follows:
2nd Time Cotton

Araucania Pomaire Solid
Color #68

Crochet Hook Size F (3.75mm). The pattern calls for a G (4.25mm) hook but I liked the results that an F (3.75mm) hook produced.

The pattern was easy to understand and is great for beginners.
Each coaster measures 5 inches (12.5mm)
Here is the finished product:

I decided to give these as a christmas gift to the ladies who work in the office.This is a gift I feel good about giving, not only are they handmade but they were made with recycled yarn!

               Here are a few color combinations I put together for gifts.

I think I will try to make something I have never made before SOCKS!


  1. Love these coaster's.......I'll-be looking for some under the Christmas tree!!
    I think you know my colors!! :)

  2. Lynne, gets into yarn projects. She makes socks all the time. She is also involved in several yarn challenges with links and talk of yarn. There may be a tab at the home location directing you to the yarn subjects. It might be knitting and not crochet, but discussions on yarn may be of interest to you. Nice coasters. Sandi