Monday, October 29, 2012

Finish-up and Organize

Since the weather is beginning to get a little chilly and the rain has begun to fall I decided that I needed to finish the quilt that I began in the summer. Besides crochet I have been quilting for many years. I attend a yearly quilting retreat with my sister and her friends in San Diego, California. It is a great time to focus on quilting for 3 days and hang out with the girls!I made the following quilt for my room at the retreat, left it for my sister (Kerry-from Kerry's quilting-see her blog on the left) to put in her quilting machine, and finished up the binding this week. I know that this is suppose to be a crochet blog but I love this quilt and wanted to share.

                                                          Now I will be warm and cozy this winter!

                 It may be hard to see, but Kerry quilted a beautiful leafy pattern on the quilt!

On the crochet side, I spent time organizing my yarn. I found that I had bags and a bin of yarn and didn't know what I had. I began buying skins of yarn that I already had and decided to get organized. I have a book case in my craft room/office and decided to empty two shelves for the yarn. So here is how it looks:

There is yarn and a few crochet books on two shelves but I know that eventually all the shelves will be full of yarn.I need a place to hold the rest of the yarn I will buy in the future! (Yarn comes in so many pretty colors it hard not to stock up!). 

I am currently working on a stockings for christmas, so I will be posting my finished products and the free pattern I used in about a week. Until then keep crocheting!

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