Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Free Scarf Patterns

As the weather is getting colder, it's time to get out the winter coats and hats. What better way to to add warmth to your coat than to include a great little scarf. I was looking for a crochet scarf that had some style. So I found four different patterns on the internet that are cute and free.

So lets take a look at these free scarves patterns:
The grey scarf was done in King Cole fashion Aran shade #314 Graphite it was done with the Papillion scarf pattern found here
The Natural scarf was done in King Cole fashion Aran shade #46 Natural and the Black scarf was done with in King Cole fashion Aran shade #48 black. Both of these scarves were done using the "Biker Chick Scarves Pattern found here

These Grey, Cream, and Black scarves are great but I needed a scarf with color, so I made the following scarf:

This scarf is done with a multi color cotton yarn made by Araucania and trimmed with scraps of pink cotton yarn. It was done with the Shells and Chains pattern found here

These patterns are easy, stylish, and do not take a long time to crochet!

Thank you to Rose who modeled the scarf for me!

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