Monday, November 26, 2012

A Real Gem!

I was getting annoyed at the tangles and knots that came out of the skein of yarn as I was working on a project and it take too long to wind every skein or hank of yarn in a ball. So I was looking for a solution and can across the greatest invention. I found this gem on Amazon, it takes your skein or hank of yarn and winds it into a nice ball that is easy to use.

The whole process from beginning to end to wind one skein of yarn takes about 3 minutes, and that is with taking out a few knots!

I was winding yarn one day and my grandson wanted to try it, he thought it was great fun. Everyone who has come over to my house has given the yarn winder a try! After finishing my yarn, my mother brought her yarn over and now has very nice looking skins of yarn. I have shared the yarn winder with my daughter and I think my daughter-in-law is next in line to borrow it.

Here are a few pictures of the yarn winder.

Once you learn how to use the winder, it is easy to use. The yarn winder clamps on to any table so you can sit in a chair and wind your yarn.

Here are my finished skins. I take the tags off the the skein before winding and reapply it with a little tape, so I know the type of yarn and how much is in each new ball of yarn.

You can purchase this gem from Amazon for about $54.00 using this link. There are other yarn winders on Amazon but this one has gotten great reviews and it has worked great for me so far!

Good luck and happy winding!