Tuesday, January 8, 2013

GSC (Granny Square Challenge) Update

I hope the new year is treating everyone good so far!

Here is my Granny Square challenge update.
Last week I posted Granny Square #1 so here are the next seven.
Granny Square (GS) #2-Blushing Bride

 This pattern can be found here. To make my square I made a few adjustments to the pattern. I did round 5 two times and for round 6 I did hdc instead of sc. I needed to make these changes in order to make the square bigger.

GS #3-Square in a Square

 The original pattern was done in all white, but I wanted to add some color to mine, you can access the pattern here.  This was an easy pattern great for beginners. I made one change to this pattern so I could get the size I needed. In round 6 I changed the sc to dc.

GS #4-Quilt Square

Although this is crocheted it looks like a quilt square. I found the pattern here. This website has a great tutorial for making this square.

GS #5-Vintage Lace Square

This square was easy after you got the hang of crocheting behind the row below. You will see what I mean when you check out the pattern here.

GS #6-Jackie's Heart Granny Square.

If you like hearts you will love this pattern. It was not hard once you figured out how to attach the heart to the square. You can find the pattern here.

GS #7-Simple Solid Granny Square

This pattern is exactly what it claims to be simple! A blanket made out of all different color granny squares would look great! you can access the pattern here.

GS #8- Criss Cross Thread Crochet Granny Square

This was also an easy pattern, that you can access here. Since I needed a larger square I added a row. I crocheted to round three and inserted my own row for row 4, here is what I did for row 4:
If you are changing colors, connect new color in corner, 2dc ch2 2dc in the corner space, *(ch2, sk 2 dc,  dc in the next dc) to the corner, 2dc ch2 2dc in corner space * Repeat 3 more times, connect with sl st to the top of 1st dc.  I then continued with the pattern doing round 4 of the pattern.  Adding the extra row made it the size I needed.

All of the patterns I have been using thus far are written in U.S. terms. I have been looking for 6"(15cm)  patterns, but some patterns do not have the measurements on the patterns so I am adjusting the as I go.

My squares will measure about 5-1/4 inches (about 13.5 cm) since I am using  DK yarn and a size H (5 mm) crochet hook. 
All of the squares were done in StyleCraft Special DK yarn. (My previous post tells where to buy the yarn).

Please let me know if you are taking the Granny Square Challenge (GSC) and where I can see your work!

Happy crocheting!


  1. These are all very nice. My favorite is #8 with #3 a close second. I'm anxious to see your blocks together. Sandi

  2. I found exactly the pattern I need. I am trying to make an afghan from the Simply Solid Granny Square. I want to keep crocheting till it gets as large as I want. My problem is that after the fifth (5th) row, it begins to curl or ruffle or whatever you call it. Since I am an "advanced beginner", I do not know what to do. I have started over numerous times. Can you help?

    Thank You!!!

  3. Hi Beverly,
    It seems that this solid granny pattern is made for a small square. You can go to Ravelry.com and find the same pattern for a large blanket. If you are not a member you should sign up. It is free and gives you access to many different crochet pattern, resources, groups, and crochet-a longs.
    Here are a few patterns on Ravelry that seem to be what you are looking for, search for:
    No seam Granny Square
    Filled in granny square blanket
    Gramma cookies solid granny square

    I hope this helps!