Tuesday, January 15, 2013

GSC-Week 2

I hope this week finds everyone well!
Here are my squares for the Week 2:

GS #9: Sunburst Granny Square:

This is a great square and can be done in many colors and reminds me of the summer! you can find the pattern here. To make this square the right size I added round 6: sc in each dc around with 3 sc in the corner spaces.

GS #10: All Thing Dainty:

This was a great beginner square, you can find the pattern on the My Favorite Things blog. In  order to make it the same size as my other squares I had to omit round 4.

GS # 11: Wagon Wheel Granny Square:

I love how this Granny Square looks like it spins around in the center! you can get the pattern here. this was an easy to follow pattern. It is amazing how using different colors make squares look different.

GS #12 Simply EZ PZ:

This square was just as the title says EZ PZ. you can find the pattern on Anastacia Knits

GS #13: "Jackalope":

This was an easy square to do, the original was done in black and white but it looks good in red and white. This square would not do well in more than two colors as the pattern might get lost. I followed the pattern until round 6 and for round 6 I used hdc instead of dc, and then did round 7 per the instructions. Jacklope can be found here

GS #14: X Marks the Spot:

This pattern is called X Marks the Spot, I did the square in Three different colors of blue and the X does not show very well,  I went back and did it in one color done  so the X shows up better. So I would recommend this pattern be done in one color. You can find this pattern on the My Favorite Things blog.

GS #15: Jungle Square:

Even though this is called the Jungle square, I did the pattern in purples, that made it a little more floral.
You can access the pattern here This pattern was posted by SmoothFox who has many more Granny square patterns on the site.

I hope everyone has a great next week!
Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Jackalope and Sunburst are really fun. This project is certainly going to be colorful! Sandi