Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GSC-Week 3

The challenge continues!
It has been a challenge to find free 6" patterns that are easy to do! I am doing 365 squares and was able to find about 40 free patterns that everyone could access, so I bought a few Granny Square books. My goal is to make 365 different granny squares so not only is it a challenge to do one square a day but to find patterns that are different.

Here are the week three squares:

GS #16- Granny Spiral:

I love this square! it has been the most challenging so far since you have to work with four colors at a time, but once you get the hang of it it is easy! You can access the pattern here.

GS #17-Smooth Fox's Christmas Granny

The pattern does say Christmas Granny but you can use any colors for this patterns. It seems to look good in many different colors!  This pattern was done by SmoothFox and you can access it here.

GS #18-Diamond in a Frame

This looks like it might be complicated but is really easy to make. This pattern was found at Examiner.com

GS #19-Circle in the Square

The  original pattern was done in two colors which makes the circle stand out more. I like lots of color so I have been trying many different color variations, which can change the look of the square. Circle in a square can be found here

GS #20-Lazy Daisy Granny Square

This square was easy as the directions said. The center would have looked more like a daisy if I had done the center in yellow and the petals in yellow. You find the pattern here.

GS #21- 4-Hearts Square

This is a cute pattern and would make a great baby blanket for a girl. Dly's Hook and Yarn has a great tutorial for this block and with a few different color and pattern variations. Get your pattern here

GS #22-Highland Rose Granny Square

This square and the 4-Hearts Square above both have a 3D effect which makes them stand out more than the basic granny.  This square reminds me of spring! Highland rose Granny Square can be found here.

I hope everyone has a great week!
Happy Crocheting

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  1. Granny's Spiral is my favorite this time. I never expected a spiral...Sandi