Tuesday, February 5, 2013

GSC-Week 5

Here we are at week #5. The squares for this week were done from patterns I found on the internet. I have been trying to find as may free patterns as possible so everyone will be able to enjoy the different granny squares used in the challenge. So far I have been able to find about 45 patterns that fit are the right size or can be altered to the right size.
Here are the squares for this week:

GS-#30-Blue-Eyed Daisy Square

This pattern would make a cute  blanket for a little girl! It reminds me of spring. This square was done according to the instructions but I added a row of sc after row 7. Sc in each dc and and 3 sc in each corner. The Blue-Eyed Daisy can be found here.

GS-#31Antique Pearls Square

 This pattern made a larger square so I reduced the pattern by two rows. The pattern was worked to row 6 and then a row of single crochet was added for a border. You can find the pattern here.

GS-#32 Amber Waves Afghan Square

For this square I used a different size crochet hook, I used a D (3.25mm) hook. I also had to use sc instead of dc in the 8th row to make it the size I needed. you can access the pattern here.

GS-#33 4 Diamond Granny Square

This square was a little complicated to figure out at first but once I figured out the pattern it was not hard at all. For this pattern I did sc in place of the hdc in round 7. This diamond square can be found here.

GS- #34 Tears From Heaven

This is another cute pattern that would make a a great blanket for a little girl. This was an easy square and would look great in a many different colors! you can find the pattern here.

GS-#35 St Patrick's Day Granny

This was an easy pattern and was fun to make! This would make a cute table runner for St Patty's Day!
You can find the pattern here.

GS #36 Control Issues

Here is another great square, the pattern was written so that you can make two different squares. The squares also look different with different colors of yarn. You can access the pattern here.

I hope you all enjoy these new granny squares!
Happy Crocheting!


  1. Good Job! weird I didn't get the update on my Ipad , will check that out! my favorite is tears from heaven and of course the shamrock! Remember, though, there are no tears in heaven! :)

  2. I have lots of favorites in this group. Looks like they may be getting a bit more complicated. Blue-eyed Daisy is darling. Sandi