Tuesday, February 12, 2013

GSC-Week 6

Week 6 has arrived! This weeks squares were made using patterns from the internet. Next week I will be using a few patterns from the internet but will begin using patterns out of a book called "200 Crochet Blocks"  by Jan Eaton. I found this book on Amazon for about $16.00. I like this book because all of the squares are the same size and she gives many different color schemes for the blocks as well as layouts for blankets and throws. You can find the book here.

Here are the blocks for week 6:

GS #37-Granny Flower Block

 This was an easy block! The pattern was a small square behind the flower but I added a few more rows so the square would be the right size. you can find the pattern with a great tutorial here.

GS# 38-Porthole Square

This square was also a small square so I added 1 row of dc, 1 row of hdc, and 1 row of sc to make the square the right size. This pattern also has a great tutorial which makes the directions easy to understand. you can find the pattern here.

GS #39- "HAZE"

This pattern was fun to make! It is easier than it looks. I only made one adjustment to the pattern, instead of dc in row 4 I did sc. Haze can be found here.

GS #40-4-Pointed Star

This pattern took me a couple of tries to get it right, but once I figured it out it was easy! I made 2 changes to this pattern, for round 6 I did hdc instead of dc and I did not do round 8. The Pointed star can be found here.

GS #41-Eye of the Vampire

This block may be called Eye of the Vampire but it is not very scary to me. This block would look good in many different colors. the pattern can be found  here.

GS #42-Little Dahlia

This pretty square would make a nice blanket with all different color flowers! I did add 2 rows to this pattern.
Row 5: hdc in each dc and 2 hdc,ch 2, 2 hdc in each corner space.
Row 6: sc in each hdc around with 3 sc in each corner space.
The pattern can be found here

GS #43- Star Square

This cute star square was easy to make and looks great in Red, White, and Blue! For this pattern I had to add a row. Row 7 dc in each dc around, 3 dc ch 2 3 dc in each ch 2 corner space.
The pattern can be found here.

I hope you have a good week!
Happy Crocheting.

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  1. The names are so clever. #1 this week is Eye of the Vampire! #43 looked like a difficult one to make with the star in the center. Sandi