Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GSC-Week 10

We begin week 10 with the Meadow square and end with the centered square. All the patterns this week are from the book "200 Crochet blocks" by Jan Eaton.

Here are the blocks:

GS #65-Meadow (#46 in book)

I made a few changes to this pattern by doing sc in round 7 instead of dc and hdc in row 8 instead of dc.

GS #66-Queen Anne's Lace- (#47 in the book)

                   This would be a great pattern to use to make a vintage looking blanket.

GS #67-Danish Square- (#48 in book)

                       This square would make a great baby blanket in primary colors!

GS #68-Bright Flower (#51 in book)

                                   This square was easy and looks great in bright colors.

GS #69-Lemon Peel (#52 in book)

This is my first Square that is not in the traditional granny style! I like this pattern but I think I will try to stick to the traditional granny square.

GS #70-Framed Flower- (# 54 in book)

                                        For this square I did sc instead of dc in round 8.

GS #71-Centered Square (#55 in book)

                       This square would look great in many different color combinations!

So week 10 has come and gone, boy the year is going by fast! Spring and some graet weather are just around the corner!

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. My vote for week 10 is Queen Anne's Lace. Lemon Peel is very different than the rest this week and weeks before. It looks durable enough for a potholder or kitchen cloth. All of them are nice. Sandi