Tuesday, March 19, 2013

GSC-Week 11

I hope you enjoyed the bridal shower gifts. Besides my daily granny square I will be working on a baby blanket. As soon as it is done I will post it for all to see.

So the squares for this week are from the book "200 Crochet Blocks"  by Jan Eaton, I have been looking around but have not been able to find any more free patterns that I can pass along. If I find any I will make sure to post them.

GS #72- Peach Rose (#58 in the book)

                          This was an easy pattern and would make a nice blanket for spring or summer.

GS # 73-Popcorn Corners (#60 in the book)

I had to brush up on my popcorn stitches, one of the other blocks I did called for popcorn stitches but I did not make them right. I think I have it down now!

GS #74- Nine Patch Granny (#61 in the book)

This pattern came out a little bigger than I would have liked, I should have used a smaller size needle for this one. It reminds me of a quilt square.

GS #75- Sunshine Lace (#64 in the book)

                      For this block I had to skip round #6 and I did sc instead of dc on round #7

GS #76- American Beauty (#67 in the book)

This block was altered to fit the right size by skipping round 6 and 7, as well as doing hdc instead of dc in round 11.

GS #77- Fudge (#69 in the book)

This one is called Fudge since it was done in different shades of brown in the book, I am not using browns so I decided to make it in Spring colors.

GS #78 Star Flower (#71 in the book)

This square was altered by doing sc instead of dc in round 7. This reminds me of the beach, oh how I long for the summer!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks squares!
Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Can you guess which one I like best this 11th Week? Star Flower is #1 with Peach Rose coming in #2. Will you be joining in at the June Retreat in Lakeside? Hope so! Sandi