Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GSC-Week 12

Here we are at week 12, that's 3 months of Granny Squares. I have been looking on the internet for some free patterns but have not been able to find any that I have not already used! If anyone out there knows about any please let me know! So for this week all of the squares are taken out of the book  "200 crochet Blocks" by Jan Eaton.

So here are the blocks for this week:

GS # 79-Catherine Wheel (#73 in the book)

This square looks like a square I did back in February called "Eye of the Vampire" but it has some different stitches in it!

GS #80-Seville (#74 in the book)

          This square has a nice cross pattern in it! It would look good in many different colors!

GS# 81-Granny Stripes (#76 in the book)

This is a very small version of a granny stripe blanket! This square was quick and easy to do, it would be great for beginners!

GS # 82-Briar Rose (#78 in the book)

     This one also reminds me of Spring! In order to make this one the right size I had to omit round 8

GS #83- Baltic Square (#79 in the book)

I am glad I brushed up on my popcorn stitches, since this square has quite a few in it! Again to make this the right size I had to omit round 6

GS#84-Sunshine & Showers (#81 in the book)

                 I love the blue and yellow of this square! This pattern would make a cute baby blanket.

GS#85-Webbed Lace (#82 in the book)

I thought this square would be hard to make and that you would have to crochet 4 small squares and  put them together, but that is not the case. This square was done as one. This pattern would look nice as a table runner!

Hope you are beginning to experience nice weather wherever you are!

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Webbed Lace looks very delicate. Are you using different types of yarn for all of these blocks? I thought I recognized Eye of the Vampire in the first block Catherine's Wheel. I liked it then and I like it now. I'd have to see the two together to know which one I like better. Nice blocks this week. Sandi