Tuesday, March 5, 2013

GSC-Week 9

Another week of granny squares! This has been a week of the Christmas Rose Square, Lacey Squares, and a Granny Four Patch Square. I am surprised that I have found so many different squares to use. I have looked around for other books and I am interested in a book called "500 Crochet Blocks" by Hannah Elgie. But I am waiting for reviews of the book and have not found any yet, as it was just published last month.

Here are this weeks blocks from the book "200 Crochet Blocks"  by Jan Eaton

GS # 58-Christmas Rose (#28 in book)

 I followed the pattern for this square but skipped row 13.

GS #59-Primrose Square (#31 in book)

This square was easy to do and would look good with flowers of many different colors.

GS #60- Tricolor Square (#35 in book)

 For this square I did sc for round 6 instead of dc. This square looks great in blue and white!

GS #61-Dahlia (#38 in book)

             For this square I skipped row 4, to make the square the right size.

GS #62-Granny with a Twist (#40 in the book)

                     The center of this square is what makes it different than the traditional granny square

GS # 63-Lacy Wheel (#42 in the book)

A dozen of these together will make a nice table runner!

GS #64- Four Patch Granny- (#43 in book )

It was fun to make all these small squares but a little hard to get them to match perfectly.

Besides working on the squares for the GSC, I have been working on gifts for the new Brides and the new Grand Niece who will soon join the family. I hope to share these gifts and where the patterns are from as soon as they are finished!

Happy crocheting!

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