Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GSC-Week 13

As we finish week 13, I just wanted to say Happy Spring to all! Before we know it the summer will be upon us! Wow the time seems to be going by so fast! I have my week 13 blocks ready and am working the blocks for week 14 and a baby blanket. I have chosen one of my favorite blocks to use for the baby blanket, so far I have about 15 of the 60 blocks done and will post it as soon as I am finished.

So here are the blocks for this week from the "200 crochet blocks" book by Jan Eaton:

GS #86-Diamond in a Square (#83 in the book)

                          I have done a diamond pattern before, but this one is a little different.

GS # 87-Lemon Stripe (#85 in the book)

This square reminds me of lemons and limes, which makes me long for summer. This pattern also had a few popcorn stitches, which are hard to see in the picture.

GS #88-Sunray (#86 in the book)

               This pattern was easy to do, the only adjustments I made was sc in round 7 instead of dc

GS #89- Peony (#87 in the book)

For this block I had to omit rounds 9 & 10, since that would have made the flower to big and the finished block too large

GS #90-Edwardian Fancy- (#88 in the book)

I had to omit round 11 on this block to make it the right size. This is a fancy block that would make a nice table runner or great coasters.

GS # 91-Spinner (#89 in the book)

This block was fun to make and would look good in many different color combinations.

GS # 92-Victorian Lace (#92 in the book)

This is a pretty square that would look good in different colors. I would only use one color for this square, since using more that one would take away from the lacy look.

I hope you enjoy this weeks squares!

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I'm loving looking at all of your granny squares. I have the 200 blocks book, it's amazing how different the blocks look in the different colours. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

    1. This challenge has been fun! I'm still looking for more square patterns since I am trying to do 365 different blocks! If you know of any other patterns on the Internet, please share.

  2. trying to catch up with all the squares you have finished! Amazing....too many to pick any favorites!! this week I think I like the victorian lace !!! :)

  3. Diamond in a Square and Edwardian Fancy are my favorites this week. How many more block patterns are you looking for? My Mom used to do lots of crochet several years ago. She may have a pattern or two... Sandi