Tuesday, April 30, 2013

GSC-Week 17

The new book I have been using for my squares has been interesting. Each block is a different size, so it would be hard to mix the blocks to make a project.You would have to make projects using one pattern. I have been able to add rows to some blocks to make them the same size as the other blocks I have done, but there are some patterns that do not allow for that.
So here are the blocks for this week from the "Granny Square Book" by Margaret Hubert

GS #114-Nicole's Granny (#5 in the book)

                                                                      This square was easy to make!

GS #115-Jeannine Square(#6 in the book)

 This was a little hard to understand the direction at first, I had to rip this one out a few times before getting it right!

GS#116-Rectangle Granny(#7 in the book)

                           This was the first rectangle Granny I have ever made! It was pretty easy!

GS#117-Blooming Granny(#8 in the book)

                                           The flower in the center really makes this square pop out!

GS#118-Lilyan's Lace Square (#9 in the book)

        This is another square that looks like a sun in the center! It would look nice in yellow and blue.

GS#119-Great Grandma's Square (#10 in the book)

                    This was a very large square so I did rows 1 to 6 and then finished with row 10.

GS#120-Dogwood Flower (#11 in the book)

    This is a nice lacy square and the pattern really shows up! This would make a nice table runner!

As the squares pile up I have been thinking about different projects to make with the squares! I have been searching the internet for some projects and have found a few cute ones. I think I will be using my time in the summer putting the squares into projects!

Have a great week!
Happy crocheting!

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  1. This week I'm liking Dogwood Flower. How do you plan to incorporate a rectangle with all the squares? Sandi