Tuesday, May 7, 2013

GSC-Week 18

I hope this post finds everyone well! We have been experiencing some strange weather here in California. One day it is 98 degrees and then the next day it is 60 degrees and raining. It would be nice to have one or the other!

This week the squares are from the book I have been using for the past few weeks "the Granny square Book" by Margaret Hubert

GS#121-Lily Pond-(#12 in the book)

                            This was really easy to make, I just wish that it was a bigger square.

GS#122-Cluster Cross Square- (#13 in the book)

This was an easy square to make and looks good in one color. If you use more than one color it would take away from the pattern.

GS#123-Cone Flower-(#14 in the book)

      This is a very lacy square, so I would not use it for a blanket, maybe just for decorative purposes

GS#124-Building Blocks-(#15 in the book)

This square was hard to shape and came out uneven looking. If I make it again I would replace the dc with tr so it will look more like a square.

GS#125-Belgian Lace-(#16 in the book)

   Belgian Lace was another square that was hard to shape.  I'm not sure I would make this one again.

GS#126-Butterfly Garden Square-(#17 in the book)

This is a very cute Square, I did have to omit a few rows since it was a big square. I have used a similar pattern to make a scarf and it turns out very nice.

GS#127-Tri-Color Cluster-(#18 in the book)

This pattern was not hard but a the directions were a little hard to figure out at first. this is a very dense square and would make a nice heavy blanket!

Have a great Week!
Happy Crocheting!

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