Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GSC Week 19

As week 19 comes to a close, I have still been able to take the time to work on my squares. The next few weeks will be filled with two weddings and a new grand niece, so I am hoping that I can keep up with my squares and not fall behind! So far so good! I am making a blanket for the new baby and hope to be able to post it soon, so stay tuned.

Here are the squares for this week, as before they are from the "Granny Square Book" by Margaret Hubert

GS-#128-Varation Adrienne Square-(#19 in the book)

This square came out very small, so I will have to make a few more small squares in order to use them in a project!

GS-#129-Diana square-(#20 in the book)

      The diamond in the middle was a little challenging but the rest of the square was easy to do.

GS-#130-Petite Flower-(#21 in the book)

                              I added an additional row of sc to make the square a little more stable.

GS-#131-Forget Me Not-(#22 in the book)

                               This square would look good in many different color combinations!

GS-#132-Ferris Wheel-(#23 in the book)

                        The Ferris Wheel in this square would stand out more if it was done in two colors.

GS-#133-Celtic Flower-(#24 in the book)

                                                This Square was hard to work with and to shape!

GS-#134-Filet Mesh Square 1-(#25 in the book)

                                       I remember doing a square similar to this one a few months ago!

It looks like I used a lot of pinks and purples this week, I guess I will have to mix it up next week!

Happy Crocheting!


  1. How many have you done so far? they are amazing!!! I like the Forget me not one this week. :)

  2. How will you finish off #133 in a project. There are some very odd sides on this square. Love Filet Mesh #134. If you have duplicates...think of your friend in San Diego... Sandi