Tuesday, May 21, 2013

GSC Week 20

Well even though it was a very busy weekend with a wedding and family from out of town, I was able to get my squares for this week done. I was even able to get a few squares of the baby blanket done as well! As I have been saying I hope to get it done soon but it seems like I get to busy to crochet. so I'm still plugging along.

Here are the squares for this week (they are from the same book that I have used for the last month"the "Granny Square Book" by Margaret Hubert)

GS #135-Filet Mesh Square II-(#26 in the book)

 This was an easy square to make and if you make a quilt out of these squares it would make a nice design.

 GS #136-Front Post Double Crochet Square-(#27 in the book)

Doing the front post double crochet stitch made it hard to get this square even on all sides.

GS#137-Paula's Pendant-(#28 in the book)

This square is very similar to the African Flower Square that I did in Week 8, the border on this square does not make the square even on all sides. The pattern for the African Flower from week 8 makes a better looking square.

GS#138-Frances Flower-(#29 in the book)

           The Francis Flower is a version of a granny square and would look good in different color    

GS #139-Irish Rose-(#31 in the book)

          The flower in this block was easy to do but making it into a square was a little complicated.

GS # 140-Block Stitch Flower-(#32 in the book)

                                    The block stitch in the flower makes the flower pedals pot out!

GS #141-Venetian Star-(#33 in the book)

                                        Here is another square that would make a nice table runner.

I hope you enjoy this weeks squares, next week I will be making Flower garden squares.

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Paula's Pendant and Irish Rose are a tie for #1 this post. You must be having a blast putting these beauties together. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Sandi