Tuesday, June 4, 2013

GSC Week 22

This week will be the finish of the "Flower Garden Squares" found in the "Granny Square Book" by Margaret Hubert. And then on to other squares in the book. Yes, I have been working on the baby blanket but I have not been able to finish it yet! Sooooooooo as soon as it is done I will post it!

Here are the squares for this week:

GS #149-Flower Garden Square VIII (#41 in the book)

GS #150-Flower Garden Square IX (#42 in the book)

GS #151-Flower Garden Square X (#43 in the book)

GS #152-Flower Garden Square XI (#44 in the book)

GS #153-Flower Garden Square XII (#45 in the book)

                      This is the last of the the flower garden squares, so now on to some other squares.

GS #154-Picot Rose (#46 in the book)

This square is very open so it was hard to get the square to come out even. I added an extra row of single crochets to give it some stability but that did not seem like enough.

GS #155-Swirling Spiral (#30 in the book)

I passed this square up a few weeks ago because the directions looked complicated. I decided to tackle it this week and WOW it came out pretty good! You really have to pay attention while making this square, it is not one you can do while watching T.V.

I hope you enjoy these new squares!
Happy Crocheting

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  1. I'm happy you struggled through #154. It is by far one of my favorites of all that you've done. Sandi
    p.s. #155 have you spinning? This week purple and teal were a popular choice for you!