Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GSC Week 24

Week 24 has been filled with popcorn stitches, italian tile squares and a poinsettia square. These are all from the "Granny Square Book" by  Margaret Hubert. I am getting close to being half way done with my 365 squares!

So here are the squares for this week;

GS-163- Popcorn Square (#54 in the book)

                 It is a little hard to tell but the flower in the center is made of popcorn stitches.

GS-164-Popcorns and Lace (#55 in the book)

                  This square was done in one color but would look nice in more than one color.

GS-165- Popcorns and Shells (#56 in the book)

                       This square took a long time since there are many popcorn stitches involved.

GS-166-Eight Petal Flower (#57 in the book)

                                        Another block that was hard to get perfectly square.

GS-167-Tuscan Tile (#58 in the book)

              You could make this square look like a picture window if you use a lot of different colors.

GS-168-Poinsettia Square (#59 in the book)

                Making this block was a little complicated at first but it was easier as you added rounds.

GS-169- Florentine Tile (#60 in the book)

This square would look great in different color variations. It would be great for July 4th in Red, white, and blue!

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks squares! The baby blanket is almost done so I hope it will be my next post!

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. This weeks blocks I'll go for #166 with #167 coming in a close second. So there is hard work in making them square? Love the three yarns together in both of these blocks. Sandi