Tuesday, July 2, 2013

GSC Week 26

It is now July and that marks the half way point in my 365 square challenge! I cannot believe that it has been 6 months.  Since I have time off work, I have been able to work on other crochet projects as well! I have been working on a crochet throw in bright colors. I will be done with it by next week so I will be posting it soon. I think when I am done with the throw I am going to try my hand at Tunisian Crochet, it looks interesting!

So here are the blocks for this week they are from the Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert

GS #177-Gracie Square (#68 in the book)

                                                            Easy square good for beginners!

GS #178-Star Grass Flower (#69 in the book)

                                         This is not really square but more of a rectangle shape.

GS # 179-Rosetta Square (#70 in the book)

Even though this square looks like it is the same size in the picture it is actually a lot larger than the other squares!

GS#180-Whirlpool (#71in the book)

           Another easy to do square that would look great in a table runner or would make great coasters!

GS#181-Fiesta (#72 in the book)

This square looks very festive when you use bright colors, so to keep up with the party theme you need to do this one in bright colors!

GS#182- Whimsy (#73 in the book)

                                I love the purple and yellow together, it makes the square stand out!

GS # 183-Fleur (#74 in the book)

This square reminds me of a shell in the blue ocean water, maybe I am just thinking of the beach since it is summer!

Well this is the half way point and the end of the book, so I will be looking for more patterns on the internet or checking out more granny square books. If anyone has any ideas please share! And if you know of any good books of websites for Tunisian crochet let me know!

Happy Crocheting!


  1. They're all very nice squares. Pretty color combos. :)

  2. I like Whirlpool this week. The subtle change in the blues work nice. Tunisian crochet...anxious to see how it is different than what you've been doing. Sandi