Tuesday, July 23, 2013

GSC Week 29

This week is Star week. All the grannies have stars in the middle! The squares were done with patterns that I found on the Internet, the patterns include the Nordic Star, Gem Star and the vintage star granny.

Here are this weeks stars!

GS #198- Window Star Granny Square

This great pattern was found at My House in Africa. This is an easy pattern that would make a great kids blanket!

GS #199-Star Flower

This cute little pattern can be found at the Crafty with Kids website. This is another square that would be great for beginners!

GS #200-Gem Star

This pattern marks a mile stone in my Granny Square Challenge! My 200th square! you can find the pattern here

GS #201-Nordic Star

This was an easy to do square but it came out much larger than expected! I am trying to do 6 inch squares, so I will have to alter the pattern if I choose to use this square in a blanket! You can find the pattern here

The next two granny square patterns were found at Tiggerbee's Buzz, both of the patterns were easy to do once you figured out the instructions. These are not a beginners square!

GS #202-Granny's Easier star

                                                       Granny's Easier star can be found here

GS #203-Granny's More Complex Star

                                               Granny's More complex Star can be found here

GS # 204-Vintage Star Granny

I end this week with another vintage pattern, this was more of a rectangle than a square. The vintage star pattern can be found here

I am thinking about doing all heart squares next week!

I hope you are having a great summer!
Happy Crocheting!


  1. All the squares look very nice. :)

  2. I like the last one this week. Just a little hint of silver... Sandi