Tuesday, July 30, 2013

GSC Week 30

Since last week was star week I decided to make this week heart week! These blocks were all done with patterns that I found on the internet. I think next week I will do granny squares with snowflakes.

So here are the squares for this week:

GS #205-Valentine Heart Granny Square

 This pattern was easy to do but it seems like you lose the heart shape as you make the heart into a granny square. You can find the pattern here.

GS #206-Heart Stricken Square

 Cute heart square! Easy to do! This would look great in many different color combinations and would make a cute blanket for a little girl. Heart Stricken can be found here.

GS #207-Crochet Heart Granny

This square is made in the traditional granny square way! Only the center is heart shaped! This pattern comes to us from Mollie Makes. I added a few rows to make the square larger.

GS #208-I Love a Parade

This square is done in two pieces, which you need to sew together. It is made with rows of single crochets. You can make the heart and use it to jazz up a shirt or pants pocket. "I love a Parade" can be found here.

GS #209-Cornered Heart Square

This was an easy square and it soooooo cute! this is another square that would make a cute baby blanket! Cornered Heart Square can be found at Crochet a Trunk Full O' Fun.

GS #210-Heart Granny Square

It was very hard to get this square straight and even! The heart became distorted when I tried to make it into a square. You can find the pattern here.

GS #211-Grandma's Heart Square

This reminds me of a heart bursting with love. Love that only a grandma can have for her grandchildren. You can find the pattern for Grandma's Heart here.

I hope you enjoy the squares for this week!
Happy Crocheting.


  1. Hello. Very nice grannies, thanks for sharing the links. Happy crocheting!

  2. There are a couple of nice heart blocks this week. I'm partial to the last one Grandma's Heart and the I Love a Parade. The I Love a Parade would make for a very heavy project if you only used it. Nice Lynne!