Tuesday, September 10, 2013

GSC Week 36

Hi To all,
This week I am working with the  patterns in the book "99 Granny Squares to Crochet" by Leisure Art. There are a lot of great patterns in this book, if you are interested in finding a copy you can find it on Amazon for less than $10.00.

The color scheme for this week is Purples, Green and Cream. I have been using Stylecraft DK yarn for all of my squares, which I cannot find in the United States, but I am able to order it from  the Deramores website and have shipped for free. Even though they are based in the United Kingdom, they are great with shipping and I usually get my yarn in less than a week!

So here are the Granny Squares for this week

GS #247-(#8 in the book)

                                            This is a square that would make a nice table runner!

GS#248- (#9 in the book)

          The yarn used for this square is a dark purple even though it looks blue in the picture.

GS#249-(#10 in the book)

                                                        An easy to do square that is light and airy!

GS#250-(#11 in the book)

                                    This is not a square but it is  made using a granny square pattern!

GS#251-(#12 in the book)

                                                   This square looks very lacy with the open border.

GS#252-(#13 in the book)

                             A diamond in the middle! this was an easy square great for beginners!

GS#253-(#14 in the book)

                                              This is another variation of the X in the middle pattern.

The patterns for this week are very open and look floral, they would make a cute baby blanket for a girl.

Hope you enjoy the squares for this week,
Happy Crocheting.

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  1. Great colors together. I can hardly see the X...wouldn't have known it was there had you not mentioned it. The three I like are right in the middle. #249, #250, and #251! Nice squares this week. Sandi