Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GSC Week 39

Hi to All,
I hope this week finds you well. I continue to make my squares from the book called "99 Granny Squares  to Crochet" by Leisure Art. As stated in my other posts you can find this book on Amazon. Now that October is here I have been really thinking about christmas (even though its only Halloween) as it will be here before we know it!

The color scheme for this week is: Purple, Gray, White, and Black

GS#268-(#29 in the book)

The star square would look great in many color combinations. It is hard to find a good star pattern where the star stands out like this one!

GS#269-(#30 in the book)

                              The popcorn stitches in the center of this square make it puff out in the center!

GS#270-(#31 in the book)

             This reminds me of some of the other squares that I have done with the X in the center.

GS#271-(#32 in the book)

 These rectangle grannys are a change from the square. This one is done with popcorn stitches in the center.

GS#272-(#33 in the book)

                   I would call this a snowflake, it would look great in white and an ice blue color!

GS#273-(#34 in the book)

This square has a very nice pattern in the middle that looks complicated, but it is not. The pattern has a lot of FPDC and FPTC.

GS#274-(#35 in the book)

                   The last one for the week is not a square, it is a nice looking star hexagon!

I hope you enjoy this weeks squares!
Happy Crocheting!

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  1. These colors shout out Halloween! GS#274 looks to be a spider's web...BOO! Sandi