Tuesday, October 8, 2013

GSC Week 40

Hi to all,
As the weather changes, so do the patterns we choose to crochet as well as the colors of yarn we use. I noticed that I have been using cooler color tones of yarn for my granny squares. Last week I used Purple, Grey,White, and Black and for this weeks squares I used Tan, Green,White, and Rust.  As in previous weeks the squares are from the book "99 Granny Squares to Crochet" by Leisure Art.

GS #275 (#36 in the book)

    This square is made out of all popcorn stitches, which makes the square very dense

GS #276 (#37 in the book)

                This easy to make square has popcorn stitches in the center, giving it a puffy look

GS #277 (#38 in the book)

The stitches in the center give this square a leafy look

GS #278 (#39 in the book)

This is a small version of the traditional granny square.

GS #279 (#40 in the book)

The flower in the center of the block is made with puff stitches and the square has a chain border which gives it a lacy look

GS #280 (#41 in the book)

This octagon is lacy looking and would make a great coaster or a nice table runner if you put a bunch together.

GS #281 (#42 in the book)

The last granny for this week is a rectangle. It is different than the one  from last week since it was done with puff stitches in row one and three.

I hope you all enjoy the Fall weather,
Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Did someone mention it was FALL? All of these colors make for a great Fall project. GS #275 looks chunky! Still in wonder how you'll incorporate the different shapes together (GS#280 in this post). Sandi