Tuesday, October 15, 2013

GSC Week 41

I hope this week finds everyone enjoying the fall weather! As the hot weather turns cooler, the leaves are turing colors and falling off the trees! Halloween is just a few weeks away with christmas just around the corner.
I am still getting my granny square patterns from the book "99 Granny Squares to Crochet" by Leisure Art and continue to use the fall colors. The color scheme for this week is Aqua, Peach, White, and Tan.

GS #282-(#43 in the book)

        This ray of sunshine in the clouds block was easy to do and would be a great beginner block!

GS #283-(#44 in the book)

The original block had about four more rows but I decided to stop here to make the block the size I needed.

GS #284-(#45 in the book)

                                                      The popcorn stitches gives this block a puffy look.

GS #285-(#46 in the book)

                                                    This block reminds me of a four blade windmill

GS #286-(#47 in the book)

                                               The peach and aqua in this block make it look very festive.

GS #287-(#48 in the book)

The leafy pattern in this block was a little hard to figure out at first but after redoing it three times I figured it out.

GS #288-(#49 in the book)

                                          The cross pattern in this block was done with FPDC stitches.

I hope you have a good week!
Happy Crocheting

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  1. This looks like a masculine project in progress. I like the way the peach is used in each of the blocks. Love GS#283 (the second one in your post). Sandi