Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Garland

Here are the christmas garland I have been talking about lately. I have been working on them for the past month and am happy with how they turned out. I am planning on giving them to the ladies who work in the office so they can holidayize the work place!

I found a few patterns on the internet which I will provide links to and I have written a pattern for a candy cane garland that I will share with everyone.

A few notes:
All of the garlands are done in US terms, they are 55 inches long (140 cm). I made all of them out of crochet cottons except the red flowers which were made with a dk yarn. The garlands seemed to turn out nicer in the cotton yarn. The size of the motifs depends on the yarn used. The motifs were done with a G hook (4mm) and the Chain that connects the motifs was done in a H hook (5mm)

To connect the motifs to make a garland I did the following:

Connecting the motifs to make a garland:
Ch 41, (sc in the top of a motif to connect, ch 21) continue in this manner until all of the motifs 
are connected, ch 41 end off, weave in the ends.

The first one is a winter flower garland:

I used the winter star pattern that I found on pinterest.  You can find the pattern that was written by Lanas and Hilos here. If I wanted to make the pattern into a star I would have blocked the motifs per the instructions on the pattern. I like it as a winter flower! this pattern can be used to make the motif look like a flower, snowflake, or a star, depending on the yarn colors used and if you block your finished motif or not.

Tree Garland:

This was a great pattern and the instructions are easy to follow. You can make a bunch of these trees in different colors and decorate them in many different ways, using fabric, buttons, or beads! This pattern comes to us from the Pure Sugar blog. 

Snowflake Garland:

The white and silver snowflakes were done using a pattern found at Sarahndipities. This is another easy to follow pattern and the snowflakes have a pretty flower in the middle.

                                        All of these garlands look great if you put two together

I hope you enjoy these garland and make a few for your home!
Happy crocheting! 

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  1. Lynne, the star and tree garland are great! Just love them! :)