Tuesday, November 12, 2013

GSC Week 45

Happy 11-12 -13, this day will not happen again for another 100 years or so. As I told my students this is a historical day!
The Granny squares for this week are done in light pink, light blue, medium pink, and medium blue. The patterns are from the book " 99 Granny Squares to Crochet" by Leisure Art. I think I will be using this book for the next two weeks and will need to find patterns in other places.

GS#310-(#73 in the book)

This square has a lot of popcorn stitches, if the popcorn stitches were done in a different color they would stand out more.

GS#311-(#74 in the book)

                          For this square I did the popcorn stitches in another color and they really stand out!

GS#312-(#75 in the book)

       This square is probably the smallest square that I have done thus far as it only has three rows!

GS#313-(#76 in the book)

                                   This square was easy to do and would be great for a beginner.

GS#314-(#77 in the book)

I think if I do a square like this one next time I would do it in a continuous round as the joining round stands out too much.

GS#315-(#78 in the book)

                         The fpdc and the bpdc in this pattern make what looks like a snowflake pattern.

GS#316-(#79 in the book)

             This last square would be a great one for beginners as it was done with ch, sc, and dc.

I hope to finish those christmas garlands that I have been working on soon!

Have a great week!
Happy crocheting!

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