Tuesday, November 26, 2013

GSC Week 47

The weather has started to become dreary with the clouds and rain, so this week I decided to brighten things up! These bright pastel colors remind me of the bright colors of the ocean in an island paradise!

The colors for this week are: orange, aqua, light blue, and purple.

GS#324-(#87 in the book)

                                      This square looks like the sun in in a tropical paradise.

GS#325-(#88 in the book)

                                  The orange in this block makes it look like a bright sunshine!

GS#326-(#89 in the book)

This granny square would have looks like another sun in the center if it was done in reverse with orange in the center.

GS#327-(#90 in the book)

This is the basic granny square pattern with a few long dc in each corner , this is a good square for beginners but the long dc was a little challenging.

GS#328-(#91 in the book)

                                         This pattern reminds me of a starfish in a coral reef.

GS#329-(#92 in the book)

                            This square looks like a flower that you could find in an ocean reef.

GS#330-(#93 in the book)

                                             This octagon is holding a sea star in sea grass.

I hope you enjoyed my island squares and they helped you to have a ray of sunshine in the winter.

Happy Crocheting!

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