Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GSC Week 52

Good Bye to the Granny Square Challenge
This is a happy day but a sad day in many ways. It is the end of another year that was composed of happy and sad events. It is the end of my Granny Square challenge, today will be my last entry of a granny square a day. Tomorrow will open up another year of new possibilities.

Now what to do with the squares????? That is the question that has been in my mind for the past month. I am in the process of contacting some organizations where I can donate a large portion of these squares and will probably make my granddaughter a blanket out of some of the squares.

I have been looking on the internet for crochet groups, projects, and exchanges to be involve in for the next year and have thought about starting my own. We will see what the next year will bring!

So here are my last squares of the year, as with the last few weeks these squares are made with the patterns from the book "100 Colorful Granny Squares to Crochet" by Leonie Morgan. This is a great book with lots of different designs.

GS # 359-Pastel Diamonds (Page 104 in the book)

Even thought this is called a pastel square it would look great in many different combinations of colors.

GS# 360-Circle Square  (Page 106 in the book)

      This is one of my favorite squares, it is bright and colorful and was easy to make! Many of these squares in different colors would make a great blanket!

GS# 361-Blueberry Patch  (Page 110 in the book)

                      This square reminds me of summer when the fresh berries begin to ripen.

GS# 362-Puffy Flower  (Page 116 in the book)

                     This is another cute square that would look great in many different color combinations!

GS# 363-Magic Carpet  (Page 120 in the book)

I love that this square is done in many different colors, but it was hard to keep it straight, I guess if it was blocked with pins, instead of  just ironed it would probably hold its shape better.

GS# 364-Octagon-framed Flower  (Page 122 in the book)

             This was another easy to make square that would be nice in different color combinations!

GS# 365-Woodland Web  (Page 132 in the book)

           This is a beautiful square and the last one I will make for the granny square challenge!

My first entry for the new year will be pictures of the 365 squares!
I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
See you all in 2014!
Happy Crocheting

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