Tuesday, January 7, 2014

365 Granny Squares

Happy New Year to all! This is my first post of the new year! I begin this year with 365 squares and decisions about how to use them to help bring joy to others.

365 squares fit in a basket

And they all fit on my dining room table!
I was looking for a charity to send about 225 squares to and the other 140 squares will be used to make  a blanket for my granddaughter and some granny square scarves or table runners for future gifts. I will keep you posted on what projects the squares are used in.

I was able to find a great charity for 225 of the granny squares, the organization that I sent the squares to is called SIBOL, Sunshine International Blankets of Love, they are based in the United Kingdom. I first read about this organization in Issue 10 of the Simply Crochet magazine. You can check out the magazine here. SIBOL is an organization that was started by Sue McGoire in 2010 to make blankets for the Elderly. You can visit SIBOL here. Information about SIBOL can also be found on ravelry.com.  If you do not have the time to crochet, you can make a monetary donation to the organization, which will help with supplies and other overhead costs.

Packing up the squares: I had to take the measurement of each square, package them up according to the size and wrap them in plastic for their journey overseas. SIBOL will receive them at the end of January. I look forward to seeing what they make with the squares, and hope to post some pictures of the completed projects.

I was happy and sad to let go of those squares, but they are going to a place where they will be used for others! I am glad I stuck with it and completed the square a day project it was fun!

Thanks Sue!

Keep Crocheting!


  1. A great charity that accepts 8 inch squares is Knit-a-Square. They provide blankets for AIDS/HIV orphans in South Africa. They prefer squares that aren't gappy as these blankets are sometimes the only warmth a child has against the winter cold.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Barb. I looked it up and it looks like a charity I will be making some squares for.They also have a group on Ravelery!

  3. Thank you so much for the generous amount of Crocheted Squares received this morning. I am going to assemble them in to 30 Square Blankets for the Elderly and will let you have some photos as soon as possible for your records.

    It's really very kind of you thank you!


  4. Well done Da!! They look amazing all lined up!!
    I've made some squares for SIBOL in the past (although technically Sue no longer accepts squares, only made up blankets) and I also received squares from her to make into blankets.
    A square a day can take no time at all and yet just look at the result!
    It makes me think I should make FAR more effort myself!!
    Thankyou for the inspiration.
    Best wishes