Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MCA-Multi-stitch Striped Blanket Continues….

I hope this week finds everyone well! This week has been a busy one! So for this week I have added 7 more rows to the mystery blanket. These rows are a combination of single crochets, Half double crochets, "V" stitches, and popcorn stitches to give the blanket a little texture.

                                     It is beginning to look like a blanket!

The rows for this week were a row of "V" stitches, a row of sc, a row of hdc, the next row is sc, followed with a row of popcorn stitches, then sc, and finished off with a row of hdc.

Here is a close-up view! Instead of just using a different color for  each stitch, I decided to coordinate my colors so that the patterns would stand out! "V" stitches and the next row of sc in Fondant, row of hdc in Sherbet, row of sc, row of popcorn, and a row of sc in Shrimp, last row of dc in Sherbet.

You can find the pattern for the first 13 rows under the tab labeled MCA, Multi-stitch Stripe Blanket.

This has been fun and challenging, trying to find stitches that look good together and colors that make the stitches stand out.

Happy crocheting!


  1. I gobbled up all 7 rows yesterday.

    In an earlier post you mentioned stylecraft yarn from England. Do you remember what it translated into in american dollars?

    So glad I found you. I think one of my stitch and bitch buddies is doing it also.

  2. The Stylecraft Special DK is $2.99 for a 100g ball (322 yards) of yarn. This is the regular price so if you watch the website or sign-up on their e-mail list you can catch the yarn on sale. Go to www.deramores.com and in the top left hand corner you can change countries and it will give you the prices in US dollars. I love the Stylecraft because it is nice to work with and they have about 50 colors to choose from. They also have some special color packs that you can buy as well. If you spend $50.00 you will get free shipping.

  3. What colorful fun that looks! Happy Birthday today. May there be many more to come, crocheting all the way. (Your sister tattled.)

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  5. Thanks for the Birthday wish! This colorful blanket is a lot of fun to create!