Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What To Do Next? Mystery Crochet Along?

So with the end of the Granny square challenge and 225 of those squares at their new home, I have been thinking about what to do next.  I have a lot of really colorful Stylecraft dk yarn and I would like to make another bright and cheerful blanket.

Here are the colors the 17 colors I am planning to use:

Aspen, Aster,  Bluebell, Clematis, Cloud Blue, Fondant, Lavender, Lipstick, Magenta, Meadow, Pomegranate, Sherbet, Shrimp, Spring Green, Sunshine, Turquoise, Wisteria.

I found all of these great Stylecraft dk yarns at Deramores. Even though Deramores based in the UK, they ship to the U. S. they have speedy shipping and the yarn prices are great!

I remember when making my Granny stripe blanket back in July of 2012, it was a little boring. I was doing the same pattern over and over again and I couldn't wait to finish it. So I decided to make a blanket using different crochet stitch patterns. I have been working this week on swatches and have crocheted and ripped out a lot of different crochet stitch combinations. I think I have finally come up with some great combinations.
I will be posting pictures of my rows and what I did for each one, every Tuesday. If you would like to crochet along I will post the pattern so you can follow along. Wow! is this a crochet-a- long?
If I can figure out how to maybe I will add a tab (at the top of the blog) for the crochet-a-long pattern, if not I will just post it here.
As not to overwhelm myself and anyone who wants to follow along, I will post the instructions for 4-5 rows a week. WOW! that is kind of like those mystery quilts, where they post small parts of the pattern each week until you have a finished product.

So Maybe we should call this a Mystery Crochet Along (MCA): Multi-Stitch Stripe Blanket??

I will be posting the first rows next week, So If anyone wants to join in, that would be great! The pattern is free and there is no cost to follow along!

I hope you will join in!
Happy Crocheting!

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