Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MCA-Multi-stitch Stripe Blanket #5

I hope you are enjoying this crochet -a-long, It has been fun making up the pattern and seeing it come to life. The two rows of dc's from last week were the beginning of set 2, so this week we will continue with set 2 and finish it up next week!

                       Another week and the blanket is really shaping up!

I just love the colors! Stylecraft yarn has some of the best colors to make colorful blankets, but they are a little hard to photograph. The colors used this week are Lipstick, Aspen, Clematis, and Turquoise.

The stitch combinations for this week are hdc, dc, dfpdc, and puff stitch. With the dfpdc you will be changing crochet hooks to a larger size so the stitches do not gather too tight. (see pattern on how to do the stitch and the hook change).

Have a good week,
Happy Crocheting!