Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MCA-Multi-stitch Striped Blanket #4

We have completed the first set of the pattern and are now on what I call the transition rows between the sets. The transition rows are granny stripes with a splash of color in between. I love to use a lot of color in my blankets, as color seems to make you feel happy and smile.

                    The blanket is shaping up!
      This is a combination of the transition rows and the beginning of set two.

The colors used for these rows are Aster, Saffron, Cloud Blue, Pomegranate, and Clematis from  the Stylecraft Special dk line of yarns.

              The stitches used this week are dc in 3 dc clusters, hdc, and sc.

The blanket will be a combination of set one, transition rows, and set two. Rows 21-27 have been added to the pattern that can be found under the tab labeled MCA-Multi-Stitch Striped Blanket.

I hope you have a good week!
Happy Crocheting


  1. Very Colorful! This is a great project. I did a post on Feb. 2 on my quiltbom blog, even though this isn't strictly a quilt. Lots of quilters knit or crochet, though.

  2. Done!!

    Have a JOYful Valentine's Day ♥♥