Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crazy for Coin Purses

I love coin purses, they come in so many different shapes and sizes. You can find colorful ones, antique ones, plain ones, and very decorative ones. They are made by designers as well as the average person and can show someones personality.
Since I have been in the designing mood, why not design a coin purse? I did some research on the internet for  different shapes, color, stitches, and closures. There are some great ideas out there and to my surprise there are many different types of purse frames available.

Here is my first coin purse.

In checking for stitches on the internet to use, I was looking for  a stitch that would be strong and did not have holes in it, since I did not want to add a lining to the purse. The waistcoat stitch is a stitch that allows you create a strong piece of crochet work and was perfect for these purses. If you would like to see how to do this stitch you can access a great tutorial here. This stitch is great because it is looks the same on both sides of the work.

This blue purse was done in a Stylecraft cotton dk yarn called Classique. The colors used were Azure, Lavender, and Sunflower.
This pretty purple  purse was done with the same Stylecraft Classique yarn but the colors used were Lavender, Sunflower, and white.

These coin purses crochet up quickly and make great gifts. I was thinking that since we have staff appreciation coming up next month, I may stitch some of these up for the girls in the office.

The pattern for these cute purses can be found here

I purchased some coin purse frame from ETSY and I will be spending some time trying to figure out how to make a coin purse with a purse frame.

Happy crocheting!

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