Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crazy for Coin Purses #2

I had fun making the square coin purse with the small flowers and I decided to try to make a coin purse using a purse frames. I ordered a few purse frames from Etsy and when they arrived I was a little worried about how to make a coin purse out of them. I was back on the internet for a week researching how to make a coin purse. I sat down and tried to think of something that would be pretty, colorful, and different. After a few times of crocheting something square and round, ripping out a few different patterns, I finally came up with this flower coin purse.

These purses were done with Classique Cotton Dk by Stylecraft, the colors used are #3660 white, #3662 sunflower, and #3676 tropical jade.

The pattern for theses purses can be found here 

Once both purse bodies are complete, sew them to the purse frame as follows:

With right sides facing out, slide the purse body into the frame and center the flower.

Thread needle with last color used, attach the yarn to the underside of the flower, close to the purse frame, insert the needle from back to front and begin sewing the purse body to the frame.

Note: The purse body may slide while sewing it to the frame, so make sure to hold it tight.

 Once the purse body is sewn in, it should look like this on the inside:

Sew the second purse body to the frame in the same manner, with right sides facing out. The wrong sides will be facing together.

A reverse sc edging will be worked along the bottom of the purse to join the purse bodies together. Reverse sc sts are worked in the opposite direction to single crochets, from left to right.

With the bottom of the purse facing up, insert hook (on the left side of the purse frame) into the 1st
 sc of each purse body.

Work the reverse sc stitch around the entire bottom edge of the purse, making sure to go through the sc stitches of both purse bodies. Once you reach the other side, end off and weave in ends.

This will make a nice edging and close the purse at the same time.

Note: Additional yarn colors that were used in the coin purses below: #3674 shrimp, #3671 azure and #3673 lavender.

I hope you enjoy these coin purses!
Happy Crocheting!