Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Granny Squares and Stripes #4

After adding the splash of color with the mini granny squares, it was time to add some more granny stripes. In keeping with the pattern and the color scheme, the rows of granny stripes were done in cream color.

Adding the rows of granny stripes to mini granny squares was a little different than adding the rows granny stripes to the sunburst granny squares. Since the mini granny squares do not have a cream color border, the technique for adding the granny stripes is different. Just doing a single crochet all around for the foundation row seemed to take away from the squares, so I tried a few different things  and finally found something that worked. The ch 3, ss, ch 3 was the best way to begin.

To make the foundation row, attach the yarn with a ss to any space between the 3 dc cluster, ch 3, ss between the next 3 dc cluster. When you come to the area where the two granny squares are stitched together make sure that you ss in the corner of the granny square, ch 3 and ss in the corner of the next granny square, this will help to make an even foundation row for the granny stripe row. (see photos)

When you reach the corner of the blanket of the blanket you will need to ss, ch3, ss in the corner space. When you are done the foundation row should look something like the photo below.

After making your foundation you can begin your granny stripes, the instructions for the granny stripe rows have been added to the pattern. You can access the instructions here

Here is what the blanket looks like with ten rows of granny stripes

Have a great week!
Happy crocheting

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