Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sea Shell Motifs/Garland #2

As promised here are the next two patterns for the sea shell garland. last week I posted the patterns for a star fish and a conch shell. This weeks posting includes the patterns for a sand dollar and a fan shell.

Sand Dollar

Start with a magic circle,  ch 2, 9 hdc in the circle, join with a ss to beginning ch 2, do not end off

Place a stitch marker in the loop, as you will do the next round with a different yarn and pick up this one in round 3
Attach the new yarn in the front loops of any hdc from round 1, ch 8 sc in the next hdc, sc, ch 8 in the next hdc around, join to the beginning ch 8, end off, weave in ends.

Now working in the back loops of the of the hdc from round 1, ch 1 sc in each sc around, join to beginning ch1

Continue around for 6 rounds. In round 7 you will tack down the star.

Continue with round 7, and attach the star by doing an sc but first go through the front of the 4th chain in the chain 8 from round 2 and the sc in the body

sc the star in place and continue with round 7, ss to beginning ch 1

For the final edging revers sc (crab stitch) around the instructions for the reverse sc can be found here

There you have it, a sand dollar! You can find the written pattern here

Fan Shell

The fan shell is worked with ch, sc, hdc, dc, and tr sts. Rows 2,4, and 6 are worked in the front loops of the sts and rows 3 and 5 are done in the front loops of the sts. After finishing 6 rows the bottom of the fan is is added, see written pattern here

After the shell is finished, decorative stitching is added by working an over and under stitch in two rows of the fan shell

Done, the finished fan shell.

Now it's time to put all of the shells together in a garland

Begin by choosing 7 or 8 sea shell motifs, for my garland I chose 7, and gathering your yarn needle and the jute twine for hanging ( I chose jute twine because it gives the garland a rustic look).

Using the jute twine thread the yarn needle and pass the twine under a few stitches. This will hold the seashell in place and also allow you to move the shells around.

Here it is the finished garland!

You can find the patterns for all the shells here

Enjoy your Summer Days!
Happy crocheting!

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