Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Knotted Drawstring Bag

This summer has been the time for making crochet accessories and since I will be attending a wedding at the end of the month why not make another accessory! I do not want to carry my everyday purse with me since it is full of my daily essentials and gets heavy after carrying it around for a long time. Not only that, it would be pretty hard to dance holding it. So I though a little crochet purse that could hold a few items and that could be worn around my wrist would be perfect!

The Knotted Drawstring Bag/Purse

I made the bag in two colors so I could have options!

The written pattern for these bags can be found here

To begin making the bag ch 16 and begin sc around the chain, once you reach the end 4 sc in the last stitch and begin crocheting down the other side.

Once the single crochets are completed around the chain here is what the bottom should look like:

Now begin the knot pattern for the body of the bag, after completing 19 rounds here is what the bag should look like:

The drawstring round is done with hdc, ch 2, to make the loops to thread the drawstring through

The finishing round was done with single crochet and treble stitches like the purse body, but this round had more single crochet stitches

After completing the bag and making the drawstrings, thread them through the ch 2 spaces of the drawstring round.

After adding the drawstring to the bag, I decided to experiment with different ways to finish the ends of the drawstrings. The Beige bag the drawstring was sewn together and a small tassel was added to each end of the drawstrings for the silver bag. The ends could also be finished off with beads or a small crocheted flower.

This bag would make a great gift for the bride or the bridesmaids.

Have a great week,
Happy crocheting!

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