Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mini Yarn Bombing!

Back from Vacation! Vacation is fun, but can be tiring!

While on vacation I was not able to crochet! (Yes, I am addicted!), but I was able to read and of course I had a crochet magazine available! The magazine is called Happily Hooked, it is a great new crochet magazine published in the U.S. The great thing about the magazine is it is digital and you can download it to your iPad.  If you would like to check it out you can access it here, it is definitely worth a look!

In Happily Hooked, I read a couple of great articles about yarn bombing and boy does it look like fun! While looking around on Pinterest for some yarn bombing inspiration, I found some great photo of yarn bomb projects from around the world. They are amazing, so I added them to my crochet art board (if you would like to see them you can check my boards out on Pinterest by clicking on the button on the right).

This has brought me to the last crochet decorations for my office/craft room wall

Yarn Bombed Letters

I purchased a few wooden letters from my local craft store (Hobby Lobby) and painted them with acrylic paint. Wow! They look great just painted!

The crochet was just free form and a few granny squares, kind of a crochet as you go.

To cover the letters, I decided to crochet a few different pieces.  One crochet piece was done in a granny stripe pattern, one with all double crochets, smaller pieces done in half double crochets, a flower, and a heart.

After laying out the pieces, making some adjustments, and sewing them in place, here is what the final letters look like. They look pretty nice and are very colorful (I did not end up using the flower and heart).

The yarn bomb letters were added to the crochet decoration wall in my office/craft room, they added just the right amount of color and reflect my love of crochet!

Have a great week!
Happy Crocheting!