Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cool Crochet Ink

Crochet is just not for grandmas anymore! It has evolved from crochet slippers and ponchos to an art form. People have made crochet into an art with yarn bombing, free form crochet, and lately it seems that crochet has moved over into another art world. Tattoo Art! I love crochet and the art of tattooing so how could I resist?
Roses, Birds and Crochet
My tattoo done by RJ at  The American Tradition tattoo shop.

Hook Fast Die Warm 

Purple Yarn Heart Tattoo 

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn

                                          Hook and Yarn

Crochet Motif Tattoo 

 Crochet Ring Tattoo 

Crochet Chart Tattoo

Do you have a crochet Tattoo? or would you get one?

Next week I will be releasing a new coaster pattern.

Happy Crocheting!

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