Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New project for 2015-CAL

Crochet the Sky Blanket- CAL
In 2013 I did a year long granny square project, where I made a granny square a day for 365 days. I had a lot of fun creating a granny square everyday. I did not do a year long project in 2014 and I kind of miss it so, I thought I would start a new year long project in 2015. My daughter told me about a knitted project called the Sky scarf, where you knit a row for the color of the sky that day. I thought that would be fun and it is something different. The "Crochet Sky Blanket" was born, It is a  crocheted blanket based off of the sky scarf by Lea Redmond found here

Project information:
For this project you will look at the sky everyday (at the same time) and crochet a row in your blanket using the colors you see in the sky.

You will be using two strands of yarn together to represent the colors of the sky, so if the sky is:
Clear blue= blue yarn (can mix two colors of blue)
Blue sky with white clouds= 1 strand blue and 1 strand white yarn
Grey clouds= 1 strand of dark grey and 1 strand light grey or two strands of grey
Blue sky with grey clouds= 1 strand blue and 1 strand grey
Blue sky with pink or peach= 1 strand blue and 1strand pink/peach

Here is an example of the sky from today, so if I was doing a row for today, I would use on strand of Aster(for sky color) and one strand of white (for the clouds)

The yarn that will be used for the blanket:
Stylecraft Special DK yarn (2 skeins of each) (each skein is100 gm)
1019-Cloud Blue
1240-Soft Peach

Stylecraft Baby DK yarn
(1 skein) (each skein 200 gm)
1253-Blue Marl

I am starting off with 2 skeins of each color and one of the baby yarn, since I can buy more yarn as the project progresses if needed. The colors of yarn you use and how much of each color will depend on where you live and how the sky looks every day.

You can find the yarn online at Deramores or Loveknitting

If you would like to crochet along, come and join the Crochet the Sky Blanket on  Ravelry, where you can connect with others who are making the crochet the sky blanket and post pictures of your progress. Invite your friends to join us!

Next week I will be posting the pattern for the blanket, with all the particulars.

Have a great Holiday,


  1. This sounds like a fun blanket project. Are we REQUIRED to use the yarn you are using? I'd prefer to use what is available where I live. I'm looking forward to seeing what pattern you design for this blanket. I just love how your 365 squares blanket turned out. I'm never participated in a CAL before, but this one sounds interesting and fun.
    Thanks for the opportunity to join ~ Bobbie

  2. Hi Bobbie
    No you do not have to use that specific yarn, just make sure that you use yarn that is DK or sport weight as you will be using two strands of yarn together and worsted weight would be too thick. If you join the Revelry group the pattern is already posted there and it will be a place to post pictures of your progress.