Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ribbed Edge Beanie Tutorial

Most crochet beanies with a ribbed edge are done by making the ribbed edging and the beanie separately and then joining them together. I tried it that way but the beanie took on an odd shape. I looked around the Internet (It is so great for information!) and found a few different techniques for adding a ribbed edging to crochet items. So I would like to share with you what I did to make my ribbed edge beanie in one piece.

I started with this colorful yarn called Boston Style, made by Schachenmayr. The colors used for the beanies are #550 Aquatic and #549 Plum. This is a bulky yarn (5), so any bulky yarn with a 5 can be used. I used 2-50g skeins of each color and ended up with about half a skein left over.

The written pattern, which includes beanie sizes for women and men, can be found  here  and the picture tutorial below gives you the steps for making a beautiful ribbed edging.

*As the edging is worked it is joined to the main body of the beanie, making it all one piece

Step 1:
After joining the last row of the main body of the beanie, ch 9

Step 2:
sc in the 2nd chain from hook and in each chain to the edge of the main body of the beanie- 8 sc

Step 3:
On the main body of the beanie; slip stitch in the next 2 sts 

Step 4:
Turn back to the ribbed edge and sc in the back loops of the 8 sc (you will be working up the ribbed edge), turn

Step 5:
Ch 1, now working down the ribbed edging, sc in the back loops of the 8 sc, towards the main body of the beanie

Step 6:
Slip stitch in the next 2 sts on the main body of the beanie and turn your work.

Step 7:
Continue with steps 4, 5, and 6 around the beanie

Step 8:              
To join the two sides of the ribbed edging together, sc in the back loops of the 8 sc to the beanie body, making sure you are catching stitches from both sides of the ribbed edging in order to close the edging.

Step 9:
Once the ribbed edging is closed, finish off, pull the yarn tail to the inside of the beanie and weave in ends.

This ribbed edging can be used on many different crochet items such as scarves, gloves, and sweaters.

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  1. I love the look of the ribbed edge. And great photo tutorial on how to add it on. I have been wondering just how to go about it. Pinned for later.
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