Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Unique Yarn and Japanese Crochet

Unique Yarn
I was looking around for some unique yarns and came across Expression Fiber Arts . Chandi hand dyes all the yarn and has many different sizes and colors of yarn. There are always specials, giveaways, and a monthly yarn club where she introduces her new colors. I ordered yarn from her November yarn club "Shades of Grey "collection. The yarn I chose is a silk lace yarn called silver sentiment.
 This is how the hank of yarn arrives
Look at the great color tones and how each color works together to make a beautiful yarn.

I loved the colors of the yarn so I bought it without a project in mind! (this can be dangerous since you can end up with a lot of yarn that way). It took me a few months to find the right project for this yarn and I finally found two great scarf patterns. I was able to make two scarves form one hank of yarn.

Japanese Scarf Patterns
Scarf #1
I found the first patten in a Japanese crochet book (see picture below). I found this book on Amazon. I could not understand Japanese but I can understand the charts in the book!

Here is the pattern I used out of the book, it was perfect for the silk lace yarn.

Here is the finished product and a close-up of the crochet pattern for the scarf.

                                     Scarf #2

The other pattern I used was from the Pierrot yarn website, you can find the pattern here.  Pierrot is a Japanese yarn company that has some of their  patterns translated into English,  you can find all kinds of great  patterns that you can download  for free!

You should check out Expression Fiber Arts, they have some really great yarns!
Crochet on,


  1. These are both exquisite patterns....and your work on them is equally exquisite!
    You are so very creative and your work is so beautiful in its detail!

    Thank you so much for the hint about the Japanese patterns...most Japanese patterns are just way above what is normally seen here...they have certainly perfected the art of crochet!

    thank you for all you do for crocheters around the world! Between your own beautiful patterns and the hints you share for yarns and patterns - you have helped many of us increase our own libraries - and most especially our abilities to crochet more complex patterns!

    Wanted to share with you: I won a kit for your Flower Coin Purse some months ago....I was so happy with how it turned out. I did make another, using your pattern, in red and purple for a dear friend who is Queen of a Red Hat Society Chapter locally. She was thrilled! You'd think I'd given her a huge gift! Thank you!
    I also gave the original purse made with the kit to my daughter's mother-in-law and she also loved it! When non-crocheters look at something like that, they assume it's extremely difficult....but with your pattern, it was not that difficult at all! (I did choose to line both coin purses with a cute cotton/poly fabric so small coins could not escape!)

    Thanks again for all you do for those of us in the crochet world! You are awesome!

    1. Thank you very much! My reason for starting this blog was to share my love of crochet with others! I love to share patterns and resources so others can see what a great craft crocheting is!

  2. Love, love this scarf, you did a beautiful job, Lynne. 😊 can't wait to see this lovely creations.....❤️