Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Reminders of the Past-Knitted Slippers

This is not one of my regular crochet project but, the other day I was remembering my childhood and how crochet and knitting has always been a part of my life. I remembered as a kid my Grandma made all of the kids in my family knitted slippers every christmas. Even though I really only crochet,  I decided to try my hand at knitting.

I asked my oldest daughter about how hard it was to knit, since she taught herself how to knit. She told me I could teach myself and let me borrow a beginning knitting book and a set knitting needles to make my first project.

Since I wanted to make a pair of knitted slippers, I decided to look on the internet for an easy slipper pattern. I found a great beginners pattern at blockntackleknitting blog spot and got to work.

This is my work in progress, not bad for my first try at knitting. It is a little hard to get use to using two needles. Knitting needles are pointy and do not have a hook, so I kept poking my finger!  So far I have been able to learn how to knit and purl.

Here are my finished slippers, I added a pom pom just for fun!

Knitting was a challenge and making these slippers was kind of fun, I might even make these for my grand kids for christmas!

Even thought I tried out knitting, I still love to crochet and will keep working on crochet projects!

Have a great week!
Crochet on,

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